With over 25 years experience designing hospital pharmacy workflow, we are uniquely positioned to provide on-site evaluation and design for organizing and maximizing space in your pharmacy. Let us show you how we can increase utilization by up to 30%!

We are focused on providing solutions that will:

  • Ensure accuracy and reduce the risk of med errors
  • Provide security and control of meds
  • Improve overall efficiency by maintaining organization and expediting inventory
  • Maximizing the space for full investment return.

We chose the H+H Systems product line to organize your existing storage areas and introduce new solutions to storage challenges in tight spaces.

We are also excited to include Liebherr Refrigerators and Freezers for Pharmacy and Laboratory use. By integrating H+H AluCool Drawers with Liebherr refrigerators, storage utilization is maximized.

Let’s talk how we can maximize your storage capacity today!